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We at Climate have always taken utmost care before saying, "YES", be it smallest of the components or the manpower. We have always been very stringent while employing our staff and that is why today we have an experienced and well-qualified work force, which is well equipped to execute the toughest of the task professionally.

Our projects start with a clear vision and we have a set of dedicated teams and professionals at every step of the operation to execute and take the project to the highest level of quality standards meeting the timelines.

Climate follows a standard rule to quote for a job with a detailed on site inspection by our qualified engineers followed by a circumstantiated study of the findings and then decides upon the proceedings. Once the best possible design is identified and accordingly the equipments, it goes forward to the client with all the details, which is very much self-explanatory and hence eliminates superfluous time-consuming activities.
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Our Clients
"We found them to be technically very sound and punctual in their commitments. And they offer good post service support too."
Sanjeev Sachdeva
(Project Manager - McDonalds) More..
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Amitsubishi Electric